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  •  49er/49er FX
  • Length4.9m/4.9m
  • Width2.9m/2.9m
  • Draft1.44m/1.44m
  • Weight120kg/120kg
  • Mast Height8.4m/7.5m
  • Spinnaker pole length1.2m/1.2m
  • Main & Jib area20 sqm/19 sqm
  • Spinnaker area38 sqm/25 sqm

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The 49er and 49er FX is the double handed one-design skiff which has transformed competitive dinghy sailing offering performance, excitement and spectacle, previously only found in 18 footers, together with the unmatched ferocity of competition only generated in Olympic fleets.
Designed by Julian Bethwaite, the ultralight, slender hull offers minimal resistance with no noticeable speed hump. This means the 49er smoothly accelerates onto the plane and the speed just goes on rising.
The most remarkable feature of the 49er, at first sight, is the solid wings which make the boat safe and a joy to sail. Running from wing to wing is easy helping newcomers quickly climb the "skiff learning curve".
The 49er made its first Olympic appearance at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and has continued to grow in popularity ever since.


Hull – The hull is made of Epoxy GRP and foam sandwich laminate with carbon fibre in high load areas. It includes two solid wings clip in to the side to increase righting moment of the trapeze crew.

Spars – Three pieces of male moulded assembly made from 100% standard modulus carbon. It’s tall and capable of supporting a combined crew weight up to 165kg from its dual trapeze. The mast is braced by three sets of shrouds that connect to a fitting on the side of the boat. The crew is able to adjust them by tightening or loosening them, depending on the wind speed and sea status.

The boom is made from an aluminum alloy extrusion.

Foils – The rudder and daggerboard are made out from a composite of epoxy, carbon, and glass, covered by a hard gelcoat surface. The head of each class legal foil carries the embossed 49er logo and the ICA label.

Sails – The 49er contains three sails: a mainsail, jib, and spinnaker. The main and jib are 20 square meters, fully battened and made of reinforced Mylar ( film polyester). The spinnaker is 38 square meters in a tri-radial asymmetric shape.