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  • LENGTH (LOA)6.84m
  • DRAFT1.80m
  • Mainsail20.7sqm
  • Code 1 jib13.4sqm
  • Code 1 asymmetrical spinnaker59.9sqm
  • Weigth of hull300kg
  • Weigth of keel and buld300kg
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Longtze Premier is a high-tech sport boat designed by Steve Thompson, internationally well-known designer whom in creating boats that are “ the sleek sports cars of the water”. The boat is powered by a large roached 20.6 s.q.m. mainsail rigged on a 11 meter carbon mast, one 13.4 s.q.m. code 1 jib and a powerful 58.5 s.q.m asymmetric masthead spinnaker rigged on a 2.4m carbon bowsprit. This makes impressive propulsion balanced by the boat’s low gravity point and the width of the hull. A smaller code 3 jib of 7.4 s.q.m. comes as an option for strong winds condition.

The sail plan has been developed by Luc Gellusseau, LE DEFI technical manager, and Bruce Holis, well known for 18 feet skiff sail design, and tested through specific sailing sessions. Its performance is also related to the fabric using laminated PENTEX for the mainsail and the jib, a high-tech material offering two times the stretch resistance of regular Dacron polyester and much better UV resistance. The spinnaker is full radial with a vectran luff line to get a better stability. It is made of MP 70, a light and resistant material. The production of the sails integrates an elegant Longtze Premier graphic design.

longtze imageslongtze images

The mast is laminated in carbon modulus of 80 GPA cured at 80° C with internal reinforcing pads for the high load cutouts. it comes with two sets of aluminium swept spreaders, which allows to get rid of runners and backstays. The mast is stepped in the base cockpit with a deck collar for maximum stability. The rigging is all Dyform utilising special double acting adjustable turnbuckles.

The boat has the right volume sections for fast upwind sailing in all conditions, downwind, thanks to the shape associated with light weight and a powerful rig, she will jump early on the surf, the efficient keel lested by a lead bulb draft at 1.8 meters provides a good stability to the boat, whether sailing for recreation, racing or sharing some great moments with friends, Longtze Premier will offer you a combination of excitement, simplicity, reliability and performance and she is a secure and easy boat to sail under all conditions.

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The production of Longtze Premier was launched 1st Feb, 2008 with an immediate success. Boats have been sold in Asia (China, Korea, Hong Kong) and are part of a long term program in the region. Meanwhile Longtze Premier has found a welcome reception in Europe and boats have been bought by owners in Germany, Belgium, Holland, France and Switzerland.

longtze images
She’s stylish, colorful, original, Longtze Premier in the one design series available in 7 colors: Red, yellow, white, dark grey, strawberry, royal blue and bi-colored orange/white. Longtze Premier attracts the eyes of spectators and is in the objective of photographers. It is what entices partners and sponsors.

The Shape

The Longtze Premier is a carbon sandwich composite construction, vacuum in female molds using Eglass and vinylester resin with a PU foam core. As a result, the hull is stiff, light (320 kg) and strong. The keel consists of a fin reinforced with carbon units and a hydrodynimacally designed integral lead bulb. The keel weight 300 kg which is 40% of the overall weight of the boat


Longtze Premier is sailed with a crew of 3 to 5, with a maximum weight of 330 kgs when racing, the deck layout has been intensively tested by China Team members, resulting in many improvements, such as central cockpit control area, which gives the opportunity to manage all the halyards, outhauls and tack lines from a single area accessible by the crew members. The aft part of the cockpit can then be dedicated to spinnaker manoeuvers.
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Keel Lifting System

A useful light aluminium cradle gives the opportunity to lift the keel single-handled for launching and recovery or even to reduce the draft when moored. The cradle can be installed in an adapted bracket.
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Removable Wings

Longtze Premier is easily stored when not in action. The boat can stays on the club trolley for ease of handling .The storing space is optimized thanks to the removable wings which reduce the beam to 2.35m. This provides for convenient storage and transportation. 3 boats can fit into a 40 foot container to simplify fleet management.

Not only for Racing

Longtze Premier has a specific sail plan “Club”. This new sail ensemble is oriented towards learning within sailing clubs, but also” family” sailing and a few competitive events, specifically College racing. It is based on lighter and less demanding sails designed and developed by the Longtze team.

The sail, made out of robust material, (Dacron in place of Pentex used for the Racing sails) have less volume and are easier to manage. The new sails are oriented towards club racing, as their name indicates, for those who are just starting sailing or sailing for the first time on a Longtze Premier sport boat, but are also adapted for professional sailors.

The spinnaker has less surface, 45 s.q.m. instead of 58.5 s.q.m. and allows easier gybing, the jib is 9 s.q.m. instead of 13.4 s.q.m. and the mainsail is 17 s.q.m. instead of 20.6 s.q.m.. These sails emanate from the three sail plan prototypes which are currently on the market. Clubs, amateurs, novices, college teams… it yours for the taking!
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A Lewmar 44 hatch gives access to the inside of the boat, with a large storage area. All the necessary equipment (sails, personal equipemtns, PFDs,etc.) can be locked inside safely and keep them dry during the sailing.
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Longtze Premier can be ramp launched directly from the trailer or from the club trolley. She can also be crane launched using the central lifting pad-eys located at the top pf the cockpit.

longtze images longtze images