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The perfect choice for comfortable coaching
VSR is a new generation RIB. It stands apart from other professional RIBs with aa very slender, high bow, great planning quality and a waterline with minimum wetted surface.
VSRs were originally created to serve the needs of professional sailing coaches and umpires. Today, VSRs are recognized as the ideal RIB for large motoryacht tenders, diving excursions, military and coast guard applications, and commercial ventures.
VSR recently expanded its line to include PRO models ranging from 9m to 11m. These larger RIBs maintain the same high fuel efficiency and smooth seagoing capabilities of the smaller VSRs. The VSR PRO Series meets the needs of recreational users, as well as professional and military clientele.


Wave-piercing - Narrow water line, fine, deep entry and light weight construction
Easily driven hull - Very low fuel consumption; Low HP requirement
Ergonomic. Comfortable, Dry, Smooth and Safe
Tough and durable for daily use

Standard Boat Features For All VSR Boats

  • Vacuum infusion technology using vinelyester resin and quadraxial fibers
  • Deck – Vacuum infusion molded deck, joined to the hull with vinylester structural glue
  • Stern — additionally reinforced w/ unidirectional fibers and 26mm marine plywood
  • White center console w/ left hand controls
  • Hypalon tubes by Pennel Flipo, ORCA 828, 1100 dtex, 1300gr/m2
  • Flat rubbing strakes on sides
  • Safety lines on tubes, pressure relief valves
  • Self-draining tube
  • Stainless steel crane lifting attachments (2 on stern, 1 on bow)

VSR F-10

The VSR F-10 is the latest VSR range. He took all the advantages of his elders and previous line hull boats.

F-10 Standard Features

  • Single jockey seat back rests in grey upholstery
  • External Fuel Tank
  • Military Grey Tubes
  • 5 air chambers, 5 pumping valves and 5 pressure relief valves
  • Stainless Steel protection on bow

VSR 5.4

Soft, dry rides, more comfort and less backache for professionals who spend lots of time on the water. 
Light construction, low fuel consumption, room onboard and its outstanding seafaring characteristics make this RIB a great boat.

VSR 5.8R

VSR 5.8R is developed in cooperation with RYA with great attention to detail. Perfect for all coaching conditions and boat classes. This model incorporates the popular benefits of existing VSR ribs, and the rich coaching experience of the RYA.

VSR 5.8R Coach

Designed to fulfil the specific needs of professional sailing coaches. Its unique hull shape and handling in rough water results in less stress to the body, greater safety and a dry, comfortable ride.

5.4, 5.8R and 5.8C Standard Features

  • Anchor Hatch at Bow
  • Double jockey seat with double back rests
  • Internal Fuel Tank
  • Alpine Blue Tubes
  • 6 air chambers, 6 pumping valves and 6 pressure relief valves
  • Rubbing strake protection on bow

Popular Optional Features

  • Aft storage box provides a safe and dry storage area for equipment
  • Stainless Steel Tow Post
  • Boat Cover
  • Engine Cover
  • Tube lettering, logos
  • Custom color tubes
  • Trailers

Technical Specifacations

MODEL VSR F-10 VSR 5.4 VSR5.8C 5.8 R
Overall Length 5.17 m 5.4 m 5.75 m 5.75 m
Beam 2.15 m 2.32 m 2.22 m 2.17 m
Tube Diameter 30 cm - 46 cm 26 cm - 44 cm 26 cm - 50 cm
Bare Boat Weight (dry) 325 kg approx. 368 kg approx. 404 kg approx. 418 kg approx.
Maximum Persons 4 4 6 6
Maximum Load Capacity 400 kg 400 kg 600 kg 600 kg
Min - Max Engine Power 30 hp - 40 hp 40 hp - 60 hp 50 hp - 70 hp 50 hp - 70 hp
Recommended Engine Power 40 hp 50 hp 60 hp 60 hp
Tube Fabric Hypalon ORCA Hypalon ORCA Hypalon ORCA Hypalon ORCA
Number Of Air Chambers 5 6 6 6
Fuel Tank External Internal Internal Internal
Motor Shaft Length 5.08 m 5.08 m 5.08 m