byte CI


  • LENGTH3.6m
  • BEAM1.3m
  • SAIL AREA5.65 m2
  • WEIGHT45.5kg
byte CI
byte CI


The Byte CI is the same fast and fun singlehanded one-design dinghy as the CII, with a smaller rig and sail for lighter sailors. Easier to manage, and easy to upgrade as you grow, the CI is the ultimate boat for transitioning out of the Optimist or other smaller dinghies. The folks at Performance Sailcraft of Australia spent over a year testing the new rig and sail to get it dialed in for that 35 - 60 kg sailor. As they say, "we don't expect kids to ride adult bikes when they can't touch the ground, so why do we expect them to sail adult boats when they can't control as they should."
With the carbon fiber mast and fully battened Mylar sail, the CI shares the same ability to adjust power from the cockpit while sailing as found in the CII. This provides developing sailors with the opportunity to gain important practical sail trim skills that are more transferable to a variety of other boats no matter what direction they decide to go.
Because the sail controls and hull are the same in all Byte models, upgrading as you grow and your skills develop is as simple as a new sail and lower mast tube. Making the boat a versatile option for sailors at any stage in their career.


Glass reinforced polyester, foam sandwich hull with Class plaque
All cockpit fittings are supported by tapped aluminum backing plates
Full anti-slip deck


Safety grab rail for capsize recovery
Cockpit bailer
Vang, outhaul and cunningham controls are led to each side of the deck


Class approved fully battened Mylar sail
Two piece carbon fiber mast
Hiking straps can be set up us as single or pair


Heavy Duty fabric deck cover in Grey.
Byte stack dolly with puncture-proof wheels

Specifications CI CII
LENGTH 3.6m 3.6m
BEAM 1.3m 1.3m
SAIL AREA 5.65sqm 6.8sqm
HULL WEIGHT 45.5kg 45.5kg
IDEAL CREW WEIGHT 35-60kg 55-65kg